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Featured on iStock!

I was excited to learn yesterday that my illustration of the above “buck” illustration was selected as “Featured Illustration” of the week on iStock!  It’s a rare honor… and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the esteemed members of the academy… whoops – wrong venue!  Seriously though this is very cool… [...]

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Linchpin: Passion is Everything

As a team of graphic designers and web developers, we want to stay in the posture of looking ahead and innovating, not simply keeping pace with mediocrity.  So again today for lunch, we will share a meal and conversation around Seth Godin’s latest “Linchpin.” It has sparked a new sense of innovation around here, spurring [...]

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Vertigo – Kim Novak

kim novak

One month ago, almost to the day I started this illustration of Kim Novak – from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie – Vertigo.  It was a Saturday morning and I was scanning through the Vertigo DVD looking for something to draw and I stopped on this Image of Kim while she was attempting to explain to [...]

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San Francisco Sketches

san francisco sketch

I spent the day in San Francisco yesterday and did nothing but sketched!  I wasn’t concerned with what I would sketch… nor was I concerned really with what the sketches would look like.  My creative batteries were drained and they needed to be recharged!   Just being outside and putting pen to paper while emptying my [...]

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VERTIGO – Quick Sketch

vertigo james stewart

I’m a big fan of anything Alfred Hitchcock… throw James Stewart in there as well and you’ve got yourself the makings of a masterpiece!  I’ve seen serveral Hitchcock movies in my day and somehow avoided seeing Vertigo until just the other day.  I came accross the film on TCM at about 1/3 of the way [...]

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Battlestar Galactica – Caricatures

Continuing with a Battlestar Galactica theme… I decided to try my hand at some caricatures this time. This is a scene in Season 2 where Starbuck rolls her eyes just after sassying off to the chief. Click here to see the full image. Oh, and by the way… Merry Christmas! IKE

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Battlestar Galactica – Adama Sketch

Late last night I was struck with an intense desire to draw.  When this happens, it means that subconsciously I want to test my abilities as a draftsman… in other words, test my speed and accuracy.  The best way for me to this is to draw someone famous… so that when someone sees my work [...]

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Christmas Card Design

Tis the season for Christmas Card Design!  Look no further… we have the resources and expertise to design and illustrate your custom greetings.  It’s not too late for this year! There’s still time to design and distribute a Holiday Greeting card for delivery via email… and you’ll save money on printing and postage! Request a [...]

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The Baddies! Secret Agent Concept

the baddies

Well, here are some rough concepts of “Baddies” for the Secret Agent game concept. There is certainly a wide range of possibilities when it comes to advesaries for a super classified secret agent hero character.  So this is just a first go at what some of those characters might embody. IKE

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Digital Art Harmony

wacom cintiq 12wx

My technical fantasies have finally come true! It doesn’t get much better than this… the perfect marriage of drawing with paper and pencil and the infinite capabilities of the computer.  As a young boy who loved nothing more than the simple pleasures that come from drawing with pencil and paper.  I could have in no [...]

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