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Featured on iStock!

I was excited to learn yesterday that my illustration of the above “buck” illustration was selected as “Featured Illustration” of the week on iStock!  It’s a rare honor… and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the esteemed members of the academy… whoops – wrong venue!  Seriously though this is very cool… [...]

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Brisco County, Jr. – Quick Sketch

brisco county

Well, I recently picked up a copy of “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” DVD set – my favorite TV series from the early 90′s.  Unfortunately, it was canceled after one season – curse you FOX! The series featured one of my favorite actors – Bruce Campbell.  It was basically about this cowboy character (Brisco [...]

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iStock – Video of the Week!!

Sunday morning, much to my surprise – I discovered that a little animation I created was selected as “Video of the Week” on iStock.  It’s always fun to see something you’ve put a lot of time and energy in appreciated at this level. For those of you with an active iStock account… please consider logging-in [...]

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Fly Birdy Fly!! Flash Animation

Fly Birdy Fly

This is a fun little Flash animation I recently completed of a cute little blue bird that flys in a repeating figure-8 pattern.  I plan to put it in front of an animated background that will simulate the bird flying towards the moving camera.  I think that will give this little animation a lot more [...]

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Christmas Card Design

Tis the season for Christmas Card Design!  Look no further… we have the resources and expertise to design and illustrate your custom greetings.  It’s not too late for this year! There’s still time to design and distribute a Holiday Greeting card for delivery via email… and you’ll save money on printing and postage! Request a [...]

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The Baddies! Secret Agent Concept

the baddies

Well, here are some rough concepts of “Baddies” for the Secret Agent game concept. There is certainly a wide range of possibilities when it comes to advesaries for a super classified secret agent hero character.  So this is just a first go at what some of those characters might embody. IKE

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We're Not Playing Games!

xbox and will logos

As most of you are aware – Sibling Systems focuses on the design and development of web applications.  Sibling Systems is also well known for their software programming, print design, branding and illustration prowess.  We’ve recently concluded that these strengths lend themselves well to the production and development of games. After some casual internal discussion [...]

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"Biotechnology Company" Chooses Sibling Systems

“Biotechnology Company” chooses Sibling Systems to design and illustrate characters for an internal project promoting the introduction of new applications into there employees work-flow. We’re excited to work with a company of this stature and clout. (unfortunately we can’t publish this company’s name) However, that being said – we treat every client with the same [...]

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A Love To Draw!


Last night at home I was hit with a bad case of “Must-Draw-Idas”! It was getting late but I just had to bust something out! So I popped in the “300″ DVD and fast forwarded until something caught my eye. I then paused the playback and started on a quick sketch using my trusty Wacom [...]

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